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Closing Dates Mimic Components, New DC Volt Amp & Watts Meter, Economical Digital Amps & Volts Meters

Time Totaliser, Processer Controller with Modbus, Temperature Controller, Level Sensor Transmitters, Combo Siren Sounders

Earth Fault Relay, Fault Annunciator w/Modbus, Invertor Volt Protector, Industrial Printer & Consumables, Power Supply

New Device for Current Protection, Hand Crank Sirens, Grafoplast Heat Resistant Tags & Manual Marking Kits

Flow Rate Indicator, Voltage Protection Relay, Motor Protection Device, Conveyor Belt Digital Amp Meter, Motorised Sirens

Year End Essential Spares: LED Indicators & Control Components

Helipad Designs, Radio Controllers, Portable Airfield Lights for Non-Cable-Powered Helipads, Crane & Machinery Obstruction Lights, Marine Helideck

RHT Enclosures & Real-time Big Digit Temperature Displays, Hatchery Incubator Temperature Controllers, Egg Rotating Timers

Egg Incubator Controller, Controllers for Smart Cranes and Servo Motorised Valves, Alarm Annunciator DIN Enclosure, Control Desks, Multifunction Large Signal Lights

Sirens, Lamp Test Cards, Large Digit Amp. Meters, Painted Panels, Emergency Vehicle Lights

3-Phase 40-80A SSR Static Switch for Electrical Loads, Powerlogger & Rogowski Coils, Hybrid Voltage Protection Relay, Dataloggers Current, Voltage & Event.

Obstruction Lights, Bi-Directional Light, Elevated Light, Beacon Light, Aircraft Warning Sphere, Windsocks

Smart Factory 2: Pressure Datalog, Flow & Micro Controllers, FieldLogger, HMI, PLC, Sensors, SCADA, Cargo Control Lights

Smart Factory, Wireless & Stackable Tower Lights, Real Time Clock, Big Digital Counters, Switches, Volt & Graphic Panel Meters

ADDA 8G Alarm Annunciator, Fault Annunciator Panel Mount, N1540 Input Panel Meter, Control Desks, Mosaic Mimics, Combo Sirens, TRASP

Panel Meters, Modern Semaphores, Channel Temperature Scanners, ADDA ATRIP Cards, Revolving Lights, Control Desks

Modular Process Controller, Tank-Level-Sensor, Low-Cost USB Datalog, Forklift Strobes & Combo Sounders, Wire Marking

Tank Level & Volume Laser Sensor Detector, Input Panel Meter, Volt & Motor Protection, Power Logger

Upgraded PLROB, Big Digits Clocks Displays, Damp Control Datalog, Power Logger, Sirens & Strobes

Focus on Food Industry: Metalised Labels, GFX Dual Channel Logger, Cold Chain Logger, Inverter & Motor Protection, Budget Wire Marking Printers


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