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Units & Symbols for Electrical & Electronic Engineers PDF
(credit: The Institution of Engineering and Technology IET2016


Mimic Components Full Catalogue: 

Full Catalogue Mimic Components 2024 with all Sections Included.


 Section  1 

LED Indicators,  Catalogue- Pilot Lights & Segment Displays (8.14MB)

 Semaphores    For Panels Modern & Older Electro-Mechanical Semaphores

Surge Protection.   Surge LED Driver Protection Modules

LED Lamp Replacements.  Various Sizes, Colours & Voltage

LED 2PIN Super Bright LED's.   Various Sizes, Colours & Voltage

LED Holders. Various Colours & Sizes

Ex-Proof Emergency Luminaire Industrial LED Lighting QLEX-SLM-650-EMG

Non-Sparking Luminaire Industrial LED Lighting  QMFL300-Ex-24

Pilot Lights 3-Phases Voltage Indicator AD 30/W & RGY

Pilot Lights Digital Indicating Ø22mm panel hole




Section  2  

Control Components   Catalogue - Specialized Sub-Stations (13.04MB)


Section 3A 

Audible Visual & Warning Devices,   Catalogue  - Buzzers, Sirens Sounders Signal Lights (17.67MB)

Siren Chart   (popular)

MFL Series Multifunctional LED Signal Lights  Warning Lights. Steady/Flashing/Strobe/Revolving (popular)

Safe-Start Siren. Warning Indicator Triangle (with Roof)  (new)

Heavy Duty Sirens & Warning Lights 

Explosion Proof Sirens Warning Lights & Heavy Duty Alarm Bells

 Alarm Bell with Switch & Lamp Marine & Industrial Heavy Duty 

Long Distance Sirens   (popular)

Multi-tone Sirens

PLROB Robot LED Signal Lights   for Mines & Harsh Environments (popular)

EBM/Q80L & EBM/Q100L   Sounder Combo Sirens Sounders Signal Lights (popular)

QWCD 35/50 Sounder Combo   Flashing Horn, MP3 Sirens Sounders Signal Light (popular)

QWH35/50 Wall Mount Electronic non-flashing Sounder   with Pre-recorded Special Warning Sound

Telephone Initiated Signal Warning Lights QW Series

Revolving Warning Light for Vehicles S100 Series   (popular)

Magnetic Vehicle Beacons & Flat Top Flashing LED Signal Lights  (popular)

Battery Beacon Short Form   Sirens Sounders Signal Lights (popular)

SKTLM Mounted Vehicle Emergency Lights with cigarette lighter plug

S80LS Forklift Strobe-Flashing Beacon Light

Modular LED Tower Lights w/Built-in Terminal   (Releases or Securely Clamps Wires without Tools) 

Tower Lights (Stackable & Single LED's) Short Form   Mimic Qlight Signal Lights 

Solar Day/Night Intrusion Detector Alarm with Flashing Red LED Lights 110dB

Signal Lights for Container Spreaders   Harbour Loading Equip, Outdoor Conveyor Belts

SOL Solar Rechargeable LED Flashing Signal Lights   Short Form (popular)

LED Tower Lights Ex-Proof w/Buzzer STB45ML-NEC

QWCD 35/50 Series Combo Siren with MP3 Player & Voice Messages

Vehicle Revolving Warning LED Light S100MLR 



Section 3B 

Aviation Lighting   Catalogue- Small to Medium Airstrips & Airfields, Private Runways & Game Farms (3.02MB)

Aviation Solar Portable Lights in Kit   6/8 Lamps in Robust Suitcase with Charging Ports

Aviation Portable Lights for Temporary & Permanent-Non-Cable-Powered Heliport/Helipads/Airfields 


Section 3C 

Wire Marking & Cable Solutions Catalogue - High Volume Printers & Portable Hand-Held Printers (7.75MB)

Grafoplast EVOMAX Printer & Consumables  High Volume Printer for Industrial and Commercial use.

Grafoplast GENERAL Catalogue 2022 including High Volume Printer & Consumables.

TRASP Grafoplast Portable Manual Wire Marking System  3 x Kit sizes (popular)

Shortform (only Stocked) Wire Tube & Label Printers.   Portable, Handheld, Laptop type 

Full Wire Tube & Label Printers Catalogue (mainly EX-INDENT).   Portable, Handheld, Laptop type


Section 3D 

Enclosures  Catalogue  Special & Customised Enclosure types & Standard Factory Enclosures

Refuge Bay Boxes.   For underground mines, refuge chamber indicators (popular)

Allbrox Enclosures, Refuge Bay Boxes, Special Alarm Boxes, Custom Enclosures   

AllVault ™ Outdoor Maximum Security Enclosure

Safe Start Siren. Triangle Pre-Start Warning Indicator with Roof. Safe Start for Conveyors


Section  4   

Measuring Instruments,   Catalogue Universal Temperature Controllers & Panel Instruments (17.24MB)


General Measuring Instruments

B.C.D. Indicators & Bar-Graph Displays. Measuring Instruments

ADDA B.C.D. Systems. Measuring Instruments


General Panel Meters

Panel Meters Measuring Instruments. Digital Panel Meters

Panel Meters. 'PanelPilotAce'  Graphic Digital Panel Display Meters


Brand: Multispan 

UTC-121G (4-Digit) Dual Display Single Output Accurate PID Controller

UTR-1244 (2-Relay) Programmable Timer

MSU 1244U-M1 (4 Channel) Scanner Data Logger Process Control Instrument

24W PS24-1A Measuring High Quality SMPS Process Variables

MFM-13 Multi-Function Meter  (new)

Single Phase Preventer Meter SPP-22 (new)

DC, Amps, Volts & Watts Meter Model VAW34DC 

Process Controller PTC-382A-M1 (with Modbus) 

Time Totaliser DTT3000 

Temperature Controller UTC-4201A (No Modbus)  

Earth Fault Relay Model EFR-63. Current Monitoring

Earth Leakage Relay Model ECT-35D. Current Monitoring 

Earth Leakage Relay Model ELR-35. Current Monitoring

Fault Annunciator Model FAL-10. Input 16 Fault, NC-NO Free Contact

Current Protection Relay CR-3K under/over current, trip delay, relay & power supply status

Current Protection Relay CPR-35 with True RMS Measurement

Current Protection Relay CPR-22 Visualisation of power supply status under current/over current

Flow & Indicator Totaliser 4 Digit MFC-3016D

Flow Indicator Controller w/Modbus: MFC-1048P-04

VOLT AMP Meter Model FRQ11 (1 Phase Frequency Meter)

Real Time Clock RTC1048. For Embedded Systems, Network Equipment & (IoT) 

Voltage Protection Relay VPR35-2R. All types of Invertors. Solar Panels/Hybrids 

Color Mark Sensor-5X Model CMS-5X.  For Printing Machineries, Packaging, Food etc 

SSR Solid State Relay RS-40A  with Short Circuit Protection

Fault Annunciator Panel Mount FA11 with 10 Channel Input

Process Indicator Model PI-38 for *Pressure * Flow * Level * Temperature

Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Model type PS24-5A 

Power & Energy. Multifunction Meter Model AVH-14 by Multispan

Power & Energy. DC Panel Meter Model MFM-14DC VOLT/AMP by Multispan

Protection Relays. Switch Mode Power Supply PS24-5A Datasheet 

Motor Protection Device. MPD152 & MPD192. Datasheet. Mimic Components 

Volt & Ampere Meter/Panel Meters. Volt & AMP Meter Model: AV12

Panel Meter VOLT & AMP METER Single Phase Ampere Meter Model AV14

Voltage Protection Relay Model VPR-22U. Under/Over Voltage, Phase asymmetry/sequence/loss 

PID Modular Temperature Controller Master DTC-1X & Slave DTC-1A

8 Channel Temperature Scanner with Data Logging & USB

16 Channel Temperature Scanner with Data Logging & USB

PI-38 Process Indictor   Short form Datasheet for Process Control Instruments by Multispan 

PIC-38 4 x Outputs Process Indicator   Short form datasheet for Process Control Instruments Multispan 

APFC-116 Protection Relay Power Factor Correction 16 Stage

APFC-9606 Protection Relay Automatic Power Factor Controller

CC548 CRYO Panel AC Application

CC521 CRYO Air Dryer Application

CC512 CRYO With Alarm Function

CC520 CRYO 20A Single Output

CC510 CRYO -10A Single Output

CC552 CRYO-Dual Compressor Output

AVH-16. 4 Multifunction Meter Line Display

MFM 13. 3 Multifunction Meter Line Display

Flow Totalizer MFC-1058 for Water Plant, Chemical & Pharma



Brand: Novus Automation

DigiGate-Profibus. Gateway Communication Device. Profibus DP network with Modbus RTU

AirGate 4G Industrial IoT Wi-Fi Gateway Cellular Router for Communication

USB i485 Digital Isolated Converter with RS485 & RS422 network Communication

AirGate Modbus Wireless- Modbus Gateway network Long Range Communication

Controller. N1200 Auto Adaptive PID Controller

Pressure Transmitter. NP785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter. TX Block USB Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter

Wireless AirGate-Modbus Gateway Device (new)

LogBox Connect. WiFi. 3G. Bluetooth updated short form

DigiRail IoT Industrial Gateway updated short form

Novus Automation Short Form  Temperature Controllers Short Form Catalogue

Flow Totalisation Panel Meter N1500FT 

N2000S Universal Process Controller DIN N200S for Servo Motorised Valves

SSR Solid State Relays: Static Switch 40 to 300 Amperes. 3Phase 40-80A (*new)

Modular Industrial Process Controller N20K48 with unlimited expandability Shortform

Level & Volume Laser Sensor Device Non-Intrusive Model TL-400V. Monitor Generator Diesel Tank Consumption

Level & Volume Laser Sensor Device Non-Intrusive Model TL-400I

Universal Input Panel Meter N1540 Short Form 

RHT Wireless Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter Short Form

FieldLogger. Versatile & Multichannel Logger   Novus Automation (popular)

N1050 PID Temperature Controller    Novus Automation

NP785 Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmit Datasheet 

NIO Interface Relay for Power Surge Damage Prevention  Novus Automation

Hatchery - Egg Incubator Temperature Controller N323RHT  Novus Automation

Temperature Sensors  Novus Automation


Section  5   

Datalogging Catalogue  Standalone Data Loggers, Data Acquisition & Recorders (11.23MB)

Wireless EL-WiFi-TPX+ Data Logger

Low Cost USB Temperature Data Logger EL-USB-LITE

Damp Control Data Loggers EL-USB-2 & EL-USB-TC

Data Logger Chart. Standalone Dataloggers   (popular)

EL-SIE-6+ Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Data Logger with Display

Datalog EL-GFX-D2 Dual Channel Temperature, Humidity & Dew Point with External Probe

Current Loop 4-20mA Standalone Data Logger EL-USB-4

Voltage Data Logger OEM Packaged Card EL-OEM-3 

EL-USB-1 Temperature Data Logger

EL-WiFi-VACX Vaccine Monitor

EL-IOT- CO2 Air Quality Data Logger

EL-USB-1-PRO Temperature & Humidity Data Logger. Stainless Steel cover

EL-MOTE-TH Temperature & Humidity Data Logger. Cloud-Connected

Carbon Monoxide Data Logger EL-USB-CO300



Section 5A 

Cold Chain Catalogue - EasyLog & Food-in-transit Temperature Monitoring & Recording (3.4MB)



Section 5B 

Big Digits CatalogueIndustrial Big Digit Clocks, Counters, Timers & Digital Displays

Temperature Display. Big Digit Digital Temperature Display in real-time with 100mm & 180mm high digit options.



Section  6   

Alarm Annunciator Catalogue - Systems, Displays, Annunciators & Modbus) (32.21MB)



Section  7   

Interface Products, PSU, Cards  Catalogue  - and Lamp Test Cards (3.43MB)

ADDA Trip Steering Diode   3,5,8, & 10 Way Short Form



Section  8 

Software Catalogue -  Suppliers Software (3.05MB)



Section  9   

Power Logging Meters Catalogue  Meatrol range of Power Meters.

Hire ME440 Power Logging Meter.  Ideal for one-off Projects and Contractors (best seller)

ME237 Smart Panel Meter

MI550 Power Meter:   Data Event Real-time Waveform Recording 

MQ21 Event recorder.  Din-Rail Mount               



Section 10   

Mosaic Mimic Catalogue 2024 Different Types of Industrial Mimic Panels: Mosaic, Engraved, Vinyl, etc



Section 11 

Control Consoles & Desks Catalogue  Turnkey Solutions, Security, Control Rooms 



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